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  • All Irish Clans And Names - contains indices of current Irish clans with contact information, URLs, and family name information.
  • UK Ayrshire - contains genealogy of the Ayrshire name and history of the Scottish towns Ardrossan, Saltcoats, and Stevenston.
  • Ashbaugh - including links to genealogy sites, reunions, and more.
  • Allman / Helms - other surnames include: Almond, Allmon, Boring, Daniel, Lee, Raper, Shadden, Smith, Swain, Vaughn, and Wilson.
  • Akins / Etienne - information and history for families coming from France, and allied families covering Ohio and Mississippi.
  • Annis - surname from 1664 to the present, includes links to relevant sites.
  • Ahronson - details on the background of the family.
  • Alvis - other surnames include: Peters, Montgomery, McGirty, Story, and Loudermilk.
  • Autry - variant spellings: Autry, Autrey, Autery, Awtry, Awtrey, Awtray, d'Autry, and more.
  • Augustin / Ellerman / Irwin - family history and genealogy research. Also covers the Klundt, Koutnik, McMurry, Top, and Weddig surnames.
  • Adkins - contains information on surnames, mailing lists, reunions, cemetery listings, etc.
  • Andrews [] - also: Byron, Clay, Dakin, Darke, Elliott, Exell, Franklin, Hardy, Hatton, Hobbis, Ireland, Page, Painter, Parsley, Swain, Walker and Yarwood.
  • Ackerman - for descendents of David Ackerman and Lisabeth Bellier who arrived New Amsterdam 1662.
  • Appleby - includes: Marshall, Bailey, Lindsay, Muir, Robertson, and McCutcheon.
  • Axtell - 14 generations of genealogy plus geography, GEDCOMs, graphics, and a governor.
  • Axsom Family Page - Alphabetical index of surnames from the Axsom family database: Abeyta to Zollna
  • Angus / Appleton - also including: Arbuckle, Campbell, Chamberland, Draggoo, Foster, Grundy, Oakes, Paquette, Purvis, Randall, Tiner, Tuggle, Wolf, and related families.
  • Aghadiuno - origin and genealogy of the surname.
  • Alton / Allton / Aulton - organisation researching the Alton-sound surname (including its variations) and their ancestral links overseas.
  • Alms / Boehner / Canida - including the surnames of Martin, Phenix, Weatherman, Mathews, Stout, Peters and Thornton.
  • Armstrong / Bowman - also including: Dodd, Fleming, Groat, Jakob, Leuenberger, Lock, Price, Rice, Rush, Swanson and Walrath.
  • UK Ackroyd - also Suthers, Grayson, Mitchell, Stocks, Walker, Cunningham, Colton, Maloney, Nolan, Pearson, Robinson, Winterburn, and Slinger.
  • Apgar - information on family history, family tree, and reunions.
  • UK Abbott / Bell / Rees - U.K. genealogy also including the surnames: Spear, Prescott and more.
  • Al-Mannai - genealogical and historical documents on the tribe. In Arabic.
  • Avery / Cushman - Family history back to the Mayflower and earlier, covering Johnson, Newcomb, Bradford, Howland and others.
  • Atchison - Lineage of the Atchison family including related families of Kurtz, Chestnut, Bowen, Woodward and more.
  • Asbury - information on famous Asburys, including Herbert Asbury, chronicler of the gangs of New York, and Mary Asbury, a suffragette.
  • Allander - Allander, Strawn, Painter and Cairns genealogy, and favourite links.
  • Appeldoorn - overview of research into the surname.
  • Athey - genealogical research site of Virginia Athey.
  • Agan - history of an American family from colonial times to the present.
  • Aufrichtig - traces eight generations of the family, from Nuremburg and Moravia to its spread across five continents.
  • Abney - dedicated to the collection, correction, and communication of Abney and related family information.
  • Altenburg - genealogy information and exchange.
  • Amspacher - looking for those who lit our way.
  • Akers - research starting wtih William Akers and including Emery, Hudson, and Jacob Akers.
  • Ancell - an Ancell family history, with a request to fill in holes.
  • UK Aldam - history and descendants of the Aldam family of Belton-in-Axholme, Lincolnshire, and London, U.K.
  • Alter - containing family files and pictures.
  • Armes - descendants of Edward Armes and Miss McHenry.
  • Alexander - Mark J. Alexander offers information and GEDCOM files on Alexanders from 17th-c England to 19th and 20th-c Minnesota.
  • Andraska - information on six generations, including pictures and letters.
  • UK Antell - contains a list of references to the surname Antell in parish registers in England. Includes baptisms, marriages, and burials.
  • Ayers - history of John and Ada Ayers Family with Links to Ayers' in Virginia and North Carolina.


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