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Genealogy reference sites are invaluable for anyone building their family trees and there are certainly a good few out there. All of the sites below have been reviewed to help you make your decision that much easier. But, you might just find that you'll want to visit all of them.

  • UK GENUKI UK & Ireland Genealogy - serves as a virtual reference library of genealogical information of particular relevance to U.K. and Ireland.
  • Olden Times, The - features name-indexed obituaries, birth and marriage announcements, and more, from original 18th-20th century newspapers.
  • Librarians Serving Genealogists (LSG) - resources for genealogy librarians on the subjects of collection development and preservation, information literacy, education, and reference sources.
  • Roseau County Museum & Interpretive Center - dedicated to preserving and conserving the history and heritage of Roseau County through displays, artifacts, letters, newspapers, official records, etc.. Specialising in genealogical research.
  • UK-Census site - A site that details down information on the online censuses and how to get access to them (NEW)
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    Cemeteries - A good addition to the free-genealogy site and expanding every day. Get even more information on your ancestors by searching the sites below.

  • UK Commonwealth War Graves Commission - provides personal and service details and places of commemoration for the 1.7 million members of the Commonwealth forces who died in the First and Second World Wars.
  • Saving Graves - dedicated to the preservation and protection of endangered cemeteries. Includes state and country listings.
  • Tomb With A View - quarterly newsletter devoted to enthusiasts of cemetery art, heritage, and preservation.
  • Cemetery Studies - offers lesson plans for a field trip to the local cemetery. Incorporates language arts, math, science, and history.
  • Ireland Glasnevin Cemetery - the final resting place for people of a great many denominations and nationalities.
  • Cemeteries - features a few photos dug up from the vaults.
  • UK York Cemetery - ecologically managed and historic cemetery. Includes history and events.
  • UK Brookwood Cemetery - includes map, grave search, history, and details of stone masons.
  • UK Countryside Burials - provides an eco-friendly alternative in meadow and woodland environs.
  •  Afterlife: Streatham Cemetery - shots of the Streatham Cemetery taken between dusk and dawn over a period of two years by photographer Jonathan Clark.
  • ColdMarblePhoto - exploration of funerary monuments and stone architectural works in the Baltimore area.
  • Death Angels - features photos of Catholic cemetery angels and other sculptures from the Chicago area.
  • Old Bones - dedicated to those who enjoy lurking in old graveyards.
  • Farber Gravestone Collection - searchable image gallery documenting the sculpture and art of thousands of Early American gravestones from the Northeastern U.S.
  • Monumental Images - photographs taken in the local graveyards and burial grounds of Edinburgh, Glasgow, and elsewhere.
  • Cimetiere du Pere Lachaise - historical cemetery includes the tombs of Jim Morrison and famous French citizens. Features a virtual tour and panoramas. Also in French.
  • New York Marble Cemetery - established in 1830 and sometimes called the Second Avenue Cemetery. Site includes history and vault owners.
  • Eternity - photography from cemeteries across Southern Michigan.
  • San Francisco Cemeteries - before you buy that house in North Beach, Pacific Heights, the Sunset, or the Richmond District, check to see where they used to bury the dead.
  • Historic Texas Cemeteries - includes directory, information on protecting endangered cemeteries, photo gallery, and resources.
  • Ghostwalker - presents a tour of the historical cemeteries of Colorado.
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    Celebrities Cemeteries

  • Pat's Presidential Places - features pictures of the gravesites of U.S. Presidents, Vice Presidents, presidential and vice-presidential hopefuls, and New York State Governors.
  • Find A Grave - alphabetical and geographical listing of the final resting places of celebrities and not-so-famous people around the world.
  • Dead Presidents - features the final resting places of many American presidents.
  • Beneath Los Angeles - contains photographs by Steve Goldstein of the graves of famous and infamous people in Southern California.
  • Old West Gravesites - features photos of the gravesites of famous Native Americans, outlaws, and lawmen.
  • Page of The Dead - offers stories and photos of the graves of famous poets, painters, and cemeteries.
  • Cemetery of Rock - graves, gravesites, tombstones, memorials, tributes, and death locations of dead rock stars.
  • Famous Graves - focuses on France, Austria, Spain, and other European countries.
  • Famous Resting Places - photographs of the graves of Chopin, Shakespeare, Darwin, Churchill and Hawthorne.

    Epitaphs - NEW!

  • Actual Epitaphs - unusual epitaphs spotted on tombstones in English and U.S. cemetaries.
  • Epitaphs Page - an A-Z index of interesting epitaphs, with recommended links and information about the subject of each one.
  • Kohima Epitaph - history of the Kohima Epitaph, the inscription on the Kohima War Memorial in India, honouring World War II soldiers who died there. The epitaph has since been used on war and veteran's memorials around the world.
  • Plan Your Epitaph Day - holiday dedicated to the proposition that a forgettable gravestone is a fate worse than death. Browse famous and unique epitaphs and get inspiration for your own memorial.
  • Rosebud's Epitaphs - one collector's selection of favourite epitaphs collected from tombs and monuments acorss the U.S.
  • Victorian Epitaphs - excerpts from an 1873 collection of poems deemed suitable for epitaphs and tombstone inscriptions. From Victorian Halloween.
  • Wikiquote: Epitaphs - lists unusual, inspiring, or wry epitaphs and headstone inscriptions from the graves of famous historical figures. From Wikiquote.
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    Census Records

  • CensusDiggins - contains databases of census, marriage, Civil War soldier, and death records, plus links to other resources.
  • Census Data for the Year 1930 - database searchable by such categories as agriculture, education and literacy, marital status, and place of birth.
  • UK Census Information Gateway - intends to provide an interconnected information resource on all matters relating to census research, dissemination, support and future planning.
  • Census Lookup Site - meeting place, where researchers can meet with volunteers who are willing to look up information in copies which they may have of the Federal Census.
  • Census Records - search driven database of census records.

    Church of Jesus Christ of The Latter-Day Saints Family History Centres

  • Family Search - search the Family History Library's database, which contains millions of names; a project of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
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